What exactly is CBD?  

CBD or Cannabidiol is an ingredient derived from the aerial parts of the Cannabis Sativa plant, and offers many medicinal and therapeutic benefits, with virtually no severe side effects, making it an attractive natural option for both mind and body well-being.

Can I get high from Moxmilk products? 

Our products are called ‘Broad Spectrum’ meaning they contain 0% THC, so our range is absolutely non psychoactive. Read: no tripping. 

Is CBD legal? 

CBD is 100% legal in the UK, Italy and in an ever-expanding number of countries around Europe and in the world. 

What kind of extraction do you use? And what is it? 

We use CO2 extraction, which is the purest, most premium method of CBD extraction. CO2 extraction is an extraction process that uses pressurised carbon dioxide (CO2) to extract phytochemicals (such as CBD, CBG, terpenes and flavonoids) from a plant. It is the safest, most expensive and most efficient extraction method, and it doesn’t compromise the quality of the products, as well as their effectiveness. 

What’s the difference between CO2 and solvent/BHO/ alcohol extraction?

BHO is a form of hydrocarbon extraction, utilizing a hydrocarbon, such as butane or propane, as the solvent to cull cannabis concentrates. CO2 extraction does not use harmful solvents or chemicals to extract the phytochemicals, thus making it a superior, safer and more environmentally friendly method.

Are Hemp & CBD the same? 

No. Although they come from the same plant, hemp is cold-pressed from hemp seeds. It contains very little CBD, but it’s a great source of antioxidants and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, so it’s often referred to as a Superfood. CBD oil is made from the entire hemp plant including the seeds, leaves, and stem and contains rich amounts of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids and phytonutrients. 

Is CBD addictive? 

CBD is safe for everyday use, and completely non-addictive. 

What does CBD feel like? 

Calm and centred, as well as focused when awake, and serene before sleep. CBD helps alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress, thanks to its anxiolytic and antipsychotic effects. 

Why does Moxmilk not come boxed or in packaging?

To minimise our impact on the planet we do not use superfluous packaging that would just end up in the bin. We aim to use 100% sustainable packaging and bottles by 2021.

What carrier oil do you use for your Moxmilk tinctures?

We use MCT or Fractionated Coconut Oil as our main carrier oil. It’s flavourless and highly effective because it contains 90% saturated fats, making it one of the best oils to ensure high and quick CBD absorption.

How many servings come in each Moxmilk bottle?

Each 30 ml bottle contains approximately 60 servings. We recommend start with one serving a day, and working your way up to two. 

I have found some cheaper CBD on the market. Why should I buy Moxmilk instead?

There is a lot of cheap CBD on the market, whose provenance, extraction methods and packaging are questionable at best, dangerous at worst. We pride ourselves on being certified organic, third-party lab tested and CO2 extracted, and we promise you’ll feel the difference when you try us!

Can I take Moxmilk CBD with medications?

Please speak to your physician before using Moxmilk CBD.

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