Ridiculously Healthy No Bake CBD Cheesecake

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4 January 2021

If the idea of cheesecake makes you shiver in fright, thinking ‘buckets of calories’ and ‘death of my glycemic index’, fret not. Here at Moxmilk, we have perfected the ULTIMATE light ‘no-bake’ CBD cheesecake, and it’s a thing of beauty!

Now, arguably the original New York cheesecake was a baked treat, cooked to golden perfection, jiggly and compact to the touch, but in the years, the no-bake version of this classic good has gained notoriety and praise, for its ease and soft deliciousness. Now, this recipe is for the no-bake version, but if you prefer a baked crust, you can substitute our crushed biscuit base for that.

However, we recommend you keep the cream cheese CBD topping raw, as cooking CBD might alter its properties.

CBD in a cake?

First of all, what is CBD? If you’re feeling iffy or unprepared about this amazing supplement, we’ve written a whole guide about it, explaining what it is and what it does, so have a read and learn a bit about CBD’s amazing properties.

But in short, CBD is an amazing ally to alleviate stress, anxiety and infuse calm and well-being. Adding CBD in desserts or treats is a fun and easy way to add a bit of nature’s coolest ally into a fit and healthy recipe you can feel good about!

Ready for a CBD Cheesecake?

Let’s go!

Time: 20 mins prep + 4 hours fridge

Ingredients for two single portions:

πŸ§€ 250gr low fat cream cheese

πŸ§€ 8 Digestive biscuits (we used sugar free ones)

πŸ§€ 10gr honey

πŸ§€ 10gr sugar free maple syrup

πŸ§€ 10gr butter (melted)

πŸ§€ 2 full droppers Moxmilk CBD

πŸ§€toppings of your choice (we went wild with berries)

Now, roll up your sleeves:

πŸ₯ Crush the Digestives in a bowl, and when they are reduced to a fine powder, add the melted butter in and stir.

πŸ₯ Divide the mixture in half, and coat the two pots with the crumbled biscuits, ensuring they are well pressed down to form a compact layer. This will be your crust.

πŸ₯ In a separate bowl, add your cream cheese, the honey and the maple syrup. You are welcome to add more if you like a sweeter cake. Whisk on high for 30 seconds, so the cream becomes light and fluffy.

πŸ₯ Add in Moxmilk CBD and manually blend into the mix

Moxmilk CBD

πŸ₯ Pour the cheesecake mix into the pots, even out and let cool in the fridge for at least 4 hours. Better if overnight (if you can resist it)

πŸ₯ When ready, decorate with blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, or any other topping that tickles your fancy!

Moxmilk Organic CBD no bake cheesecake berries cannabidiol dessert treat UK

This CBD cheesecake is super low in calories, and ridiculously easy to make!

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