Fluffy Souffle’ Japanese CBD Pancakes

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4 January 2021
🥞 Pancake Time! 🥞⁣
Why yes, weekenders… brunch is upon us! ⁣

And what’s brunch without pancakes, we ask? ⁣

Now, let’s start with a little background on this much praised, super elusive brunch delicacy: the Japanese Soufflé pancake.

What makes them different to regular pancakes?

For the most part, the ingredients of classic pancakes and Japanese soufflé CBD pancakes are similar: milk, flour, eggs, a boatload of maple syrup – and in our case CBD maple syrup.

However, in Japanese soufflé pancakes, eggs whites are separated from yolks and beaten so they become stiff and firm.

The soufflé pancakes are extra fluffy and pillowy because the air bubbles and firmness of the beaten egg whites hold their shape inside the pancake batter.

And, an added bonus? They are WAY lighter than regular pancakes!

OK… but the actual secret?

OK fine, we’ll tell you! There are actually three secrets to making super fluffy Japanese soufflé CBD pancakes, and we’ll tell you right now:

Number one: The most important thing is how we cook them. The batter has to be heaped on vertically, and heaped on top, and heaped on top, and heaped on top some more. … till they’re HUGE. ⁣That’s right! Ladle some batter in the pan and let it cook for a few minutes, then ladle on some more and let it cook. Then ladle on some more and… pretty simple right?

Number two: Despite your hunger… you have to cook these bad boys on low heat. That’s right. Pre-heat the pan on low, and keep the heat on low the whole time. You might be temped to turn the heat on higher to speed the process up, but do. not.

Number three: Cover the pan with a lid, and only flip the pancakes when mostly cooked on top already.



Ingredients: ⁣

🥄 60 ml egg whites (about 3 eggs) ⁣

🥄50 g flour⁣

🥄3 heaping tbsp milk ⁣(we used soy)

🥄 blueberries ⁣(or whatever other fruit you like)

🥄 butter for pan ⁣

🥄 Maple Syrup

🥄 One full dropper Moxmilk CBD


〰️ Beat egg whites until firm and shiny ⁣

〰️ Add milk to flour and mix ⁣

〰️ Gently fold the egg whites into the mix. The key word here being GENTLY!

〰️ Scoop a heaping ladle of pancake mix into your previously buttered pan ⁣

〰️ Add a few blueberries ⁣(or a million)

〰️ Let cook for a few minutes, then add more batter on top ⁣

〰️ Cover and let cook a few more minutes ⁣

〰️ Meanwhile, add a full dropper of Moxmilk CBD to your maple syrup ⁣

〰️ When the pancakes are cooked, top with powdered sugar and your CBD Maple Syrup ⁣


Listen to the delicious bubbles of air fizz out as you cut into your delicious fluffy Japanese soufflé CBD pancakes with CBD maple syrup, and enjoy the weekend everyone!

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