Fact or Fiction – Some Of The Most Common Misconceptions About CBD

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4 January 2021

2016: The year of Kale

2017: The year of Chia Seeds or death

2018: Turmeric in everything

As every supplement under the sun cashes in its five minutes of fame for being the ultimate new cure to everything, so arise myths and misconceptions. And although our very own Moxmilk CBD is the cream of the crop when it comes to CBD products, it will not – repeat – will not give you Wolverine sized muscles or Kim K’s bum.

Here at Moxmilk we’re all about dishing that knowledge, so please sit tight as we dispel some of the most common myths around CBD.

Fact or Fiction?

#1 There is no research around CBD, so it’s all word-of-mouth at best


CBD is the Steve Carrell of the nature world – an amazingly hard worker who only got his big break late in life. In reality, CBD has been known and studied since the 1940’s, but has only been in mainstream culture and high street shops for the last few years.

The US, which is arguably the largest and most lucrative market in the world, has just released Epidiolex, the first FDA-approved CBD based epilepsy drug in the world. This is a strong signal that CBD should be given a seat at the table, but in reality, although more and more studies on mice and small human samples are being carried out, we’re still a ways away from more definitive studies and data.

Fact or Fiction?

#2 CBD didn’t work for my friend, so it won’t work for me


One of the most important things to remember about CBD is that, even though it may say CBD on the bottle, not all CBD products are manufactured the same. There are LOADS (and we mean LOADS) of sub-par (we mean shitty) products on the market with little to no CBD, and that’s the primary reason why some people just don’t get the nice, relaxing, calming body-high CBD provides.

Quality, quantity and the medium in which we take CBD are the main culprits when for ‘CBD not working’. Spoiler alert: CBD water is NOT A THING, people!

Fact or Fiction?

#3 CBD is actually Medical Marijuana


Not only is CBD not medical marijuana, marijuana itself is not medical marijuana.

The CBD we consume derives from the hemp plant. Marijuana is a very specific form of the cannabis plant (unpollinated female inflorescences), and Medical Marijuana contains less CBD and THC than recreational Marijuana does. There is CBD in Marijuana, but it’s not the one we consume and can find on the market today.

moxmilk CBD

Fact or Fiction?

#4 CBD is only useful in larger doses


You may look edgy and in the know walking out on your break with a CBD-infused drink, but will it be effective? Eh, no.

The average CBD drink on the market today will contain anywhere between 2mg and 6mg of CBD, but the average person will need at least 15mg to feel any effect whatsoever. More to the point, CBD is most beneficial when used daily… so put down your drink, and slowly back away…. slowly…

Fact or Fiction?

#5 CBD will show up on a drug test


This is actually mostly fiction, but could be truth: depending on the type of CBD you choose (Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum) there may be traces of THC in your product. For the most part, the CBD you will find in the UK (including Moxmilk CBD) is Broad Spectrum and has 0 to 0.2% THC, so unless you’re doing some nasties on the weekend…. you should be fine!

Fact or Fiction?

#6 CBD will cure…


All you short people out there listen up: CBD will NOT make you taller. Or smarter, in case you were wondering. Of all the myths surrounding CBD, this is possibly the most harmful, and one of the first things you might have noticed about the CBD industry is that no single brand will makes any outright ‘curing’ claims. That’s both illegal, and factually untrue. Science is still far from declaring CBD a medicine, and that’s why in the UK CBD is labelled as a food supplement.

Having said that, CBD does aid with some natural processes already happening in the body, by encouraging the body’s natural balancing of the endocannabinoid system, which aid the mood, sleep, appetite and sex drive systems, and help hinder some unhelpful responses like stress, insomnia and inflammation. You can read more about the endocannabinoid system and how CBD helps in this informative article we wrote about it.

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