CBD Dalgona Whipped Coffee Recipe

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4 January 2021

In need of a strong, creamy and super easy pick-me-up?

Yep, us too!

The Dalgona Whipped Coffee has taken the world by storm, with its creamy and luscious texture and heart-warming coffee notes, and we can see why!

First dubbed the ‘quarantine coffee’ or ‘Korean whipped coffee’, the Dalgona whipped coffee emerged in Korea during their social distancing time, towards the end of 2019/ beginning of 2020. Though seemingly simple, this recipe takes a little finessing, with the real secret of the creaminess of the foam being the vigorous whipping of the coffee and sugar. And yes, despite what naysayers say, it does require a handheld beater/ whisk.

The whipped sugar of the Dalgona Whipped Coffee is like a hug in a cup, and the addition of Moxmilk CBD makes it a calming and soothing afternoon treat (that is also delicious at breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack… basically, any time!)

Want to make your own Dalgona Whipped Coffee with Moxmilk CBD?

Keep reading!

Dalgona CBD Oil Whipped Coffee Organic Cannabidiol Tincture UK

First of all, let’s source our ingredients for our delicious whipped CBD Coffee

RECIPE (makes 1 cup)

☕ 2 spoons instant coffee (crushed beans won’t work)

☕ 2 spoons sugar

☕ 2 hot water

☕ A glass of your favourite milk (cold or hot, your choice) or iced coffee


🌀 Add the coffee, the sugar and the water to a bowl

🌀 Whisk them all together with your handheld electric whisk for at least 2 minutes, or till perfectly fluffy and smooth

🌀 Ensure the sugar has melted, otherwise it will tasty grainy when you top your milk

🌀 Add a dropper of Moxmilk CBD oil to your glass of milk or iced coffee, and stir

🌀 Slowly add the coffee and sugar foam on top of the milk or iced coffee


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